Final Outlaw Entry #2

Final Outlaw Entry 2

Rollo May once wrote “Depression is the inability to construct a future.”

This quotation resonates with me for two reasons. Firstly, because I’m personally familiar with the anxiety that once haunted me back when I was less knowledgeable about the functionality of the universe around me, and far less confident about my aspirations. Secondly, because throughout my life I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to observe many people around me, including some of my closest friends suffering from a reoccurring darkness that descended upon them. A darkness that pushes them into an apathetic state where even their existence is personally reevaluated.

I’m grateful to posses the tools to always see a way out. I feel like I posses a gift; a supernatural-like power to see everything around me as an opportunity as opposed to an omnipresent judgmental-eye following me around, or simply just an opportunity to fail.

Not me, I look forward to failure because of it’s invaluable lessons, and I believe my method to achieving this optimism has been through my sheer obsession with the prospect of Freedom. The distant promise of one day being able to have the impunity of will to choose what I want to do, when I want to do it, and how I want to do it is simply too great to forfeit. Also, the presently available opportunity to have a direct influence on molding myself as an individual is far too great to surrender. In other words, even now I’m already blessed with Freedom because I have the Freedom of choice. I choose to have a hand in my development as an individual. I choose to filter what societal or external influences I want to adopt or discard. That is my will; my Freedom in action; abundantly available in the context of NOW.

So basically, it is too much of a privilege and a promise to surrender the Freedoms I have now, or to surrender the potential Freedoms of later. There is simply too much to look forward to. Too damn much. Understanding that you have a hand in your future is imperative to fighting depression, at least I think so. Understanding Freedom inside and out may just save your life.

So with this my dear friend, I won’t wish you luck, but will instead encourage you to prepare yourself for your journey. The journey of earning complete dominion over yourself.



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