The Society begins…

I released “Unstoppable Love” for free because I felt like it was my obligation to give you guys something for the wait. The feedback has been great, and the downloads keep climbing. If you haven’t downloaded the album yet, then just go to my website and download it free. Soon, the album will also be available on Itunes for those of you who would rather support, but the donation option will still remain available on my website.

But now that “Unstoppable Love” is out of the way, we can finally get to the good stuff.

I’ve been working on about 2 or 3 EP’s worth of music. But more importantly I can begin finishing up on something I’ve been working on for many years. It’s more than an album, its an experience… and some of you have heard me talk about it…

the society…

It has taken me almost 10 years of studying to develop the ideals, theories, and methods that come together to make this philosophy of mine. The philosophy offers a unique perspective of looking at the condition of the collective organism on this planet. I have chosen to make this philosophy of mine a life-long project because it is far too complex to be crammed into one album. But the reason I bring it up is because I am now ready to begin unveiling my project. You will begin to hear a lot more about it from now on as I begin to slowly roll out my new project. This project is everything I’ve ever worked for, and I will do everything in my power to make it the most outstanding contribution to my enthusiasts and supporters.

This ideology I developed helped me understand, over-stand, and maneuver through this society and its very complex class structures, and interaction barriers. My ideology has allowed me to become a far happier person because I am left with less questions… less fears…

To me this project is more important than music, but music will enhance its meaning and make it more easily digestible. Hopefully this project will help alleviate the xenophobia eating away subjectively in so many people. This project will be dark, and grim… it won’t be easy to accept… but it will be relevant.

So look forward to it, because this project is the reason why I created Final Outlaw.

I’ll have more details soon.

Anyway, lately using Skype has given me a great avenue to communicate with you guys, so if I haven’t spoken to you yet make sure to either add me on skype (username: finaloutlaw) or just leave your username in the comments and I’ll call you…

Stay alive.


Final Outlaw “Beautiful Songs” Lyrics

(Charlie Hustle drop that, uh uh, I feel your pain, uh uh)

These are strange times, remain awake and stay wise
Just do it, no time to play though great times
Its true, but it could all crumble the ball fumbles
And all you fought for would be lost in one second of showing off
So stay humble my comrades, and work hard
In every bar its God’s wrath I promise
And keep in mind the people that doubt us
That keep us from rising but wouldn’t be shit without us
They try to separate us but Rebel Diaz is still fighting
For real and Baxter Wordsworth still writes, and memorizes
These words that inspire one verse could cease-fire
If earth could hear our, musical pleads we wouldn’t bleed
We’d succeed, we wouldn’t deceive our seeds we’d be free
The truest to breathe, made you believe in yourself through these
Beautiful melodies we conceived through our grief

Beautiful Songs, our lives are beautiful songs (8x)

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Final Outlaw “Final Outlaw Theory” Lyrics

Ya sleeping on a gold mine catching Zzz on these dope rhymes
Ya been so blind, now your souls mine
Now your whole squad’s gonna jump ship to my gun ship
When I bump this, kids gonna jump, jump on some dumb shit
Watch me flip it like a coin on a thumb tip
Watch them spin it even though it ain’t no club shit
Cause they love this, cause it reaches all the thugs
And the bums and the single mums, and the simpletons
And the little itty bitty ones, giddy ones, silly ones,
Greedy ones, millions KILL IT SON!
Yea word up, instrumentals get served up
The surge only occurs once, Surfs up!
I’m what you heard you of but never seen in the flesh
A true lyricist, I’ll take a beat and beat it death
Even the best reach out to me to show me respect
Homie the only threat to hold back is definitely death
My upbringing is fucked up; my up rise has surprised many
Those who have plenty, click pics and envy
From distance and dismiss my success cause it sucks they inherited big bucks
However, will never posses my BIG FAT KING KONG ELEPHANT NUTS!
I come from 4F, I ran from 5-O, Iraq was not for my ass
Cause I know that cash does not flow for cats who rock for
This flag that been turned its back on all those
Who broke, and fucked in the game
Final Outlaw, be humble whenever you utter my name
Cause I’m hideous like your moms cooking
You might turn into a pillar of salt so stop looking

© FinaL OutlaW. Broken Sword Records.


Final Outlaw Entry #1

Final Outlaw “Blacklisted” Lyrics

This isn’t for the xenophobic, not domestic my sty-litto is foreign
If you’re conformist, I gotta warn you, this isn’t for you
If you aren’t up for exploring don’t you cross the boarder
I’ve got obsessive compulsive cross word puzzle disorder
My mind is troubled, my mind is muscle, don’t mind the muzzle
I thrive in the jungle, beware don’t let king Midas touch you
I’m above you, I’m even beneath you, I’m all around you
Uneven frequencies traveling in the speed of sound I’m
In your nightmares, see my reflection in the mirror
See my image standing in the back of your high school pictures
Like yellow stone national park I’m ready to explode
My soul’s the only one that can pull the sword out the stone
This isn’t another tired rap about Al Capone,
And Al Paciño, Casinos, women and stacking dough
Witness the rising dough, the ovens gonna blow
The children wanna run, SO LET CHILDREN GO!!!

They don’t want you to know that I exist, flashbacks of 96
Because I remind you of what they want you to forget (x6)
Let my people go

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