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More FinaL OutlaW #GNK performance photos…

Final Outlaw 8 Final Outlaw 10 Final Outlaw 9 Final Outlaw 11  (more…)

FinaL OutlaW #GNK performance photos

Here are various photos that wound up on a few sites, and Instagram after Monday night’s show.

FinaL OutlaW @ SOBs

FinaL OutlaW @ SOBs16FinaL OutlaW @ SOBs14



Final Outlaw Entry #2

Final Outlaw Entry 2



I feel like I’ve only exercised maybe even less than one quarter of my full potential so far. It’s incredible how much one little human body can harbor within. I have every intention of fully blooming within these coming times in a way I never have before… Sometimes many of us make the mistake of holding back our true energy because we are waiting for an opportunity or proper platform to come along for us to fully erupt as a supervolcano, but there simply isn’t any time to wait for anyone, or anything.

Freedom over fortune and fame!


Final Outlaw “Beautiful Songs” Lyrics

(Charlie Hustle drop that, uh uh, I feel your pain, uh uh)

These are strange times, remain awake and stay wise
Just do it, no time to play though great times
Its true, but it could all crumble the ball fumbles
And all you fought for would be lost in one second of showing off
So stay humble my comrades, and work hard
In every bar its God’s wrath I promise
And keep in mind the people that doubt us
That keep us from rising but wouldn’t be shit without us
They try to separate us but Rebel Diaz is still fighting
For real and Baxter Wordsworth still writes, and memorizes
These words that inspire one verse could cease-fire
If earth could hear our, musical pleads we wouldn’t bleed
We’d succeed, we wouldn’t deceive our seeds we’d be free
The truest to breathe, made you believe in yourself through these
Beautiful melodies we conceived through our grief

Beautiful Songs, our lives are beautiful songs (8x)